The Customer is Always… Frustrated

They say the customer is always right, and yet… I recently had the pleasure of contacting the DMV regarding an error in the address printed on my registration. Silly me, I had sent the renewal in by snail mail rather than utilize their online services for this one thing, and then had proceeded to wait approximately three weeks for my new registration sticker to arrive.

Relieved as I was to eventually receive it in time, something made me examine the information extra closely – and there it was, the typo. As per the instructions on the form, I immediately contacted my local DMV call center to report the mistake, figuring a new one would need to be issued.

After waiting on hold for, oh, about 20 minutes or so, I was finally transferred to a human – who promptly transferred me to yet another “department” (the complaint department?) for further assistance. More hold music. At least another 15 minutes spent waiting. And waiting...

And then, finally, a voice came on the line. I explained the issue. Silence. “Hello?” I said, thinking perhaps the line had gone dead. “Yeah. So what’s the problem? You got it, didn’t you?” was the reply I was met with. “Um, yes, I received it, but the address is incorrect… and it says to contact you to correct it…?” I was beyond perplexed at having to explain any further at this point. 

“Yeah well, it’s correct on your license, and all they really pay attention to is your name and street number – the town doesn’t matter.” Okay then. “Ok,” I said, “Well then I guess can you at least change it internally in your system, just so it’s correct for the future?” 

A giant sigh of exasperation came through the receiver. “Yeah. I guess so. You want the typo fixed?” (Wasn’t that what I just said?) “Um, yes, if it’s not too much trouble.” (Which, apparently, it was.) I then heard the pounding of fingers on the keyboard. I don’t think it would have been possible for this woman to make more noise typing three letters if she tried. 

“Is that all?” Oh yes, that was all. Why would I ever choose to prolong this conversation for even another second? Honestly, if the hold time wasn’t so extensive, I would have hung up and called back just to reach a different customer service rep.

But, with my luck, this woman was probably the only one on duty in the complaint department. 


{Published: April 24th, 2013}

Jamie Lynn RyanComment