Always an Adventure

Traveling into the city with the Ryan Family is always an adventure. It doesn’t matter how we go, how much time we allow or where we’re headed. It’s just always an adventure.

Last week, we made our first trek to the “new” Yankee Stadium. After considering the options, we opted to take the train and subway rather than drive, thereby avoiding all that fabulous rush-hour traffic.


After having a fairly smooth trip into Penn, there was only the subway left to contend with. On that note, let me preface by saying the subway has been a bit of a running joke for awhile with our family. Between MetroCards that don’t work (did anyone else know that you can only scan a card up to five times in succession before it will be rejected – even with a remaining balance?) to confusing ticket machines which cause buyers to accidentally purchase multiple $20 MetroCards instead of the more economical $4.50 variety (well, some buyers – ahem – Dad) to subway lines that suddenly cease to run to their standard stops and – occasionally – even reverse course and begin going in the complete opposite direction mid-trip… let’s just say we have had more than our fair share of complications. 

Why should this time be any different?

In an attempt to head off any potential issues, we decided to try something new. We actually asked one of the employees behind the ticket counter for directions. After being given what seemed a fairly simple route, we then proceeded to wait… and wait… and wait for the appropriate subway line. Plenty of other numbered lines passed through, but not ours. Finally, seeing a few others in Yankee gear, we decided to follow them. They must be headed to the Stadium, we reasoned.

Apparently not.

The next subway that came in, they got on. So did we. (Barely, though, as my pocketbook got caught in the closing door several times, causing it to reopen repeatedly.)  

After a couple of stops, they got off. So did we. Okay, we thought, scanning the signs. This should be the correct line now. As we waited, these three Yankee fans made a beeline up the stairs, heading toward a level with a completely different collection of subway lines – none even slightly familiar.  

Now what?

We decided to wait it out and follow the (somewhat misguided) directions we had been given originally. We got on the next subway – which, by the way, was completely devoid of Yankee fans – and transferred as instructed. Upon switching subway cars, there they were… what had to be close to a hundred Yankee fans swarming the platform.

Apparently, they had gotten their directions elsewhere.


{Published: September 23rd, 2009}

Jamie Lynn RyanComment