Adventures in Mass Transit – Part II

I have reached the conclusion that no one in my family can ride the train and/or subway uneventfully. No matter where we’re going, how simple and direct the route, or what time of day or week we set out to travel, something always goes wrong.  



Case in point: On a recent trip to Yankee Stadium one late Monday afternoon, my father decided to spare himself the hazards of driving into the Bronx during rush hour, instead opting for the convenience of an express train ride to Penn Station. That part was uneventful enough.

From there, it was on to the subway, that glorious underground web of interconnected chaos. Not being positive which was the most direct route to take to 161st Street, we stopped to ask a nearby MTA employee. He told us; we thanked him and continued on our way.

So, after waiting at the platform for a good 20 minutes, watching every other subway line pass us by, ours finally pulled in. We got on and rode several stops, only to be told by several alert passengers that we were riding the express line, one that – of course – didn’t stop at Yankee Stadium. To get there, we would need to transfer to the local line.

As the doors opened and we made a mad dash across the platform, we noticed several others in full Yankee regalia doing the same. Apparently, they had gotten their directions from the same MTA employee.

We eventually made it to the Stadium in spite of ourselves, making a mental note to find a better, more direct route home.

Fast forward one dull, bone chilling, nine-inning loss later…

We decided to take a cue from some of the other fans who appeared to have a vague idea of where they were going, following their lead to the subway. For confirmation – and with fingers crossed – we double-checked with a nearby MTA employee (a different one this time). He directed us to walk over one block and take the subway from that point straight through to Penn…no waiting, no transfers, no express mix-ups.

Miraculously, this was actually the correct information, and the return trip wound up being about half as long as the original.

All in all, not as bad as previous infamous journeys (Ellis Island anyone?), but still an adventure.

Always an adventure.


{Published: May 23rd, 2007}

Jamie Lynn RyanComment