A Day to Remember

It’s funny how certain dates tend to take on added significance over time; well, maybe funny isn’t the right word – more like ironic. I bring this up only because today, May 9th, happens to be one of the those memorable dates for me, for both good and bad reasons…

Ten years ago, it was one of the worst days of my life thus far, as our family lost a huge part of its heart and soul with the passing of my Uncle Rocky. I was devastated, having up to that point being rather fortunate in the familial loss department. But this one hit me especially hard, leading me to believe that May 9th would forever be a somber anniversary.

Fast-forward two years to 2004, and my graduation from C.W. Post was scheduled – as had been its yearly tradition for decades – for Mother’s Day… on May 9th. And so, on a day I had thought was destined to be melancholy, I celebrated – with my family, my friends and my fellow graduates. Together, we marked this new stage of my life, the official moving onward and upward in pursuit of some sort of future, at that point as yet undetermined. 

Exactly one year to the date after this procession of Pomp & Circumstance, I became a full-time employee of none other than South Bay’s Neighbor Newspapers. After months of sending out resumes and cover letters, scheduling interviews – in between taking some much-deserved time off to vegetate – fate beckoned. And I do believe it was fate. May 2nd was my official “start date” to try things out and get a feel for the job; but May 9th was the true beginning.

Seven years later, here I am, still writing, still editing, still trying to get a feel for the job - for life in general. Some things never change; but looking back, so many things have. Ten years ago, I couldn’t see beyond one particularly sad day. Eight years ago, the world seemed open and full of endless possibilities. Seven years ago, my “life” seemed like it was just beginning – finally, “my” life.

And today, I have learned that each day brings with it its own share of adventures and monotony, of opportunities and aggravations, of celebration and tragedy. That much will never change. It is what we choose to make of each of these days that truly counts.

Here’s to May 9th, today and always… may it always be a date of special significance for me.


{Published: May 9th, 2012}

Jamie Lynn RyanComment